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“Assisting homeless veterans to locate and

move in to safe and stable housing, increase

access, maximize quality, and reduce cost of

coordinated medical, addiction, and mental

health care in our community.”




We exist to help our veteran brothers and sisters 

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Over 3 million rural veterans rely on the VA for care.  In Maine 79% of veterans live in rural communities.  Navigating through the scattered services that a veteran may need is challenging. We are here to help. It is not simply a matter of providing housing to veterans in need, it is also important to determine the root cause of the veteran becoming homeless and ensuring that their needs are met.

While our focus is Aroostook County we assist with other veterans groups throughout the State when it comes to assist a fellow veteran. Together working with other groups with the same mission, passion and drive we find that we can accomplish any mission placed in front of us.


Most people are fortunate enough to deal with the normal stressors in life without having to deal with emotional and physical scars left from serving our country. Even facing the “civilian world” can be as frightening as combat.  Many of our veterans find combat an easy thing to get use to, but an impossible thing to forget. This is why there needs to be an assessment done identifying all of the issues facing the veterans before the vouchers are handed out.

One of our biggest challenges is finding “low” to no barrier shelters for our veterans to have easy access to.  This is why we have partnered with our local VFW to put an Emergency Shelter in place so that NO veteran gets turned away from a shelter.  The HUD Homeless Management Information System (HMIS), numbers for 2015 showed 16 veterans from Aroostook County were turned away from receiving shelter assistance

Emergency Shelter

Transitional Housing

Rapid Rehousing

Needs Assessment

Our veterans deserve more.  They deserve our full attention and assistance in returning them to their communities as active, contributing participants.  The veterans bring a variety of skills and knowledge that can be adapted into “civilian life” if shown.  This we can accomplish with teamwork.

Intake Assessment

Medical Assessment

Mental Health Assessment


We are taken to “boot camp”, broken out of our individuality and taught to work as a team.  When we leave the military we lose that team bond.  That bond is necessary for our individual recovery. What better way to help those who need it most than through peer counseling.

Having the facility in a rural area where veterans are welcome and invited to come would provide a welcoming environment.  Add to this the case workers and professional staff from the community, healthcare through local Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOC’s), local partnerships with trade schools and Universities. Now you have a model that can be duplicated throughout the nation.

Case Worker Assigned

Service Officer Assigned

Peer Support Worker Assigned

Together, we can make a difference

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To help homeless veterans and veterans in need requires many hands. We have a few successes under our belt, but we need more help. That’s where you come in. ​While you can volunteer with us directly, there is more you can do on your own.

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